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A new world order? European security after the war in Ukraine

Whilst new international orders are emerging, the question is what a future European security architecture would look like after the end of the war in Ukraine.

75 jaar Marshallplan

Na de oorlog lag Europa in puin. Huizen waren verwoest, fabrieken lagen stil, en een hongersnood dreigde. De Amerikaanse buitenlandminister George Marshall presenteerde in 1947 daarom een idee waarmee Europa zich weer zou herstellen: het ‘Marshallplan’.

NATO’s new Strategic Concept: our blueprint for navigating a more dangerous and competitive world

The fourth edition of Atlantisch Perspectief in 2022 is devoted to the 2022 NATO Strategic Concept. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrote the foreword.

Can NATO’s and the EU’s new strategies withstand Russian warfare?

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the EU has announced drastic sanctions. The Atlantic cooperation within NATO has improved significantly. Is it all enough to withstand Russia?

NATO as a community of values and its new political role

Since its inception, NATO was conceived as more than a military alliance. The new Strategic Concept reaffirms the Allies' willingness to “stand up for our shared values and the rules-based international order.”

NATO’s Madrid Summit and the consequences for the Netherlands

This article analyzes the impact of the Madrid Summit on the Alliance’s deterrence and defense posture, on the challenges posed by hybrid threats, and what it all means for the Netherlands.

Spain: Forty Years in NATO

The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Spain’s entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1982. For Spain, it was a key step towards its normalization as a democratic country and put an end to its...

Hoe Biden een recessie kan tegengaan in de VS én in Europa

In dit artikel in The Atlantic legt David Frum uit wat de belangrijkste bijdragen zijn van de vermoorde Japanse oud-premier Shinzo Abe voor de internationale orde.

Six months in: Assessing the wider implications of the Ukraine invasion

On Tuesday 27 September 2022 the Dutch Atlantic Youth (‘Jonge Atlantici’) invites you to the first event of the season titled: Six months in: Assessing the wider implications of the Ukraine invasion.

Ukraine: What are the military and political challenges for the West?

On Wednesday 7 September 2022, the Netherlands Atlantic Association organizes a program titled "Ukraine: What are the military and political challenges for the West?"