Writing contest – Atlantic Assembly 2024

In celebration of NATO’s 75th birthday, we are excited to announce that the Atlantic Assembly will be hosting a writing contest this year! This contest presents an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your writing talents and delve into pressing global issues. Participants will have the opportunity to select from engaging topics that are intricately connected to this significant milestone in the organization’s history.

About Atlantic Assembly

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been a cornerstone of international security for seven and a half decades, promoting peace, stability, and cooperation among its member states. To honour this enduring legacy, the Young Atlantic Association is organizing their annual conference dedicated to the transatlantic alliance: Atlantic Assembly 2024. The symposium comprises serious games, keynotes, panels, workshops and much more, each focusing on a different aspect of transatlantic security and its impact on the world.

Contest Topics

Participants in the writing contest will be required to select one of the following symposium topics to write about:

  1. Past: Why has NATO managed to last as long as it has, despite ever changing historical and geopolitical contexts?

Participants can delve into key historical events and milestones that have shaped NATO’s 75-year journey. They can explore the founding principles, the Cold War era, NATO’s role in addressing crises, and its evolution into the 21st century. This topic allows for reflection on the alliance’s successes, challenges faced, and the enduring importance of transatlantic cooperation.

2. Present: What developments might be necessary in the relationship between the EU and NATO to address the contemporary challenges of both organisations?

Participants can analyse the current challenges faced by NATO and the European Union in maintaining a strong transatlantic alliance. This may include discussions on security threats, political tensions, economic considerations, and the evolving role of NATO and the EU in a rapidly changing global landscape. Writers can explore the nuances of cooperation and potential areas for improvement to address modern challenges.

3. Future: How will NATO ensure its relevance in the upcoming decades?

Participants can speculate on future developments that will impact the alliance, including potential geopolitical shifts, technological advancements, and emerging global threats. Participants can discuss the role of NATO in adapting to these changes, fostering innovation, and ensuring the resilience of the transatlantic relationship in the years to come.

Contest Guidelines

  1. Article Format: Your submission should be written in the style of a column. This means presenting your ideas in a clear, engaging, and persuasive manner. Use your unique voice and perspective to captivate your readers. In case you want to learn more about writing columns, you can check this WikiHow article:
  2. Research and Sources: The jury will carefully assess the accuracy of the facts and sources in your article. Cite reliable references and provide a bibliography if necessary to support your arguments.
  3. Argumentation: Your article should present a compelling argument and provide well-structured reasoning to support your points. Be sure to address the chosen topic in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner.
  4. Creativity: Your article should present a creative and novel line of argumentation around the topic of your choosing.
  5. The column cannot be shorter than 600 words, nor longer than 800 words.


1st Place: Presented the opportunity to ask the first question to the Keynote Speaker at the Atlantic Assembly and a publication on the website and social media channels of the Young Atlantic Association

2nd Place: Publication on the website and social media channels of the Young Atlantic Association

3rd Place: Publication on the website and social media channels of the Young Atlantic Association

Submission Deadline

All submissions must be received by March 15th, 2024, 23:59.

How to Enter

To enter the contest, please submit your article in PDF format via the form on this web page.

Join us at Atlantic Assembly 2024

We encourage all contestants to attend the NATO 75th Anniversary Symposium. You can gain valuable insights and inspiration for your writing while connecting with experts and fellow enthusiasts.

NATO’s 75th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating, and your contributions to this contest will help shed light on the organization’s enduring significance. We look forward to reading your thought-provoking articles and celebrating your talent!

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact

Best of luck to all participants!

Submit your column:

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