Atlantic Assembly 2024 – Past, Present & Future

Atlantic Assembly returns! On Saturday April 6, 2024, the Young Atlantic Association will organize the 7th edition of the annual Atlantic Assembly in The Hague!

Program Atlantic Assembly 2024

This year, Atlantic Assembly takes place on the 6th of April in Beeld & Geluid in The Hague. Below, you will find an overview of the day’s agenda, highlighting the exciting events and activities scheduled to make this event memorable. You can register from January 23rd via the link that will be placed on the website.


The event kicks off with registration at 9:00 am, followed by a welcome word. In the morning program, 30 participants take part in an interactive session of war games. Aimed at providing a dynamic experience on highly relevant security issues, this game includes a simulation of a geopolitical scenario. This year it will be a geopolitical-strategic game in which events take place, such as Nord Stream 2, to which countries then respond and cooperate. The serious game in the afternoon will be the same as the one in the morning.


After the serious game, a lunch will be ready for all speakers and participants of the morning program. From 12:00 onwards, there will be an information market where several partners of the Young Atlantic Association will present themselves to the participants. This is the perfect opportunity for students and young professionals to find out more about the organization and discuss what opportunities they have to offer. The event will continue by an introductory keynote.


The main part of the program consists of three rounds, each with a panel discussion and a workshop. In addition, there is the opportunity for 30 participants to participate in a serious game throughout the afternoon.

1. The first round focuses on the past, with a panel on NATO’s past, analyzing its 75-year history and global changes, with a focus on nuclear weapons. Simultaneously, there’s an in-depth session on Marine corps operational concepts. In the afternoon, a second session of the serious game kicks off and continues throughout.

2. The second round focuses on current issues, including a panel on the European defense industry, aiming for a detailed analysis of its structure, requirements in the current security landscape, and necessary investments. Additionally, a workshop will address dilemmas related to EU and NATO expansion.

3. The third round will focus on future challenges, with a panel on new technological innovations, with a specific focus on quantum computing, and a workshop on the Indo-Pacific region, with an additional focus on India.

The event will close with a keynote by Mart de Kruif. We will then end the day with a drink for speakers and participants, where we hope to look back on a successful edition of Atlantic Assembly!

Keep an eye on the website, Instagram and LinkedIn for speaker announcements and further updates!


Please be aware that the choices you make on your ticket for each round of sessions do not guarantee access to your chosen option. All the sessions in the afternoon program operate on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the event. Seating is limited, so make sure to arrive early to maximize your participation in the sessions that interest you most.

Additionally, we want to highlight that participants of the serious game will receive specific information regarding their participation in this unique and engaging activity. Keep an eye on your inbox for further, detailed instructions.

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