Atlantic Assembly 2023 – Unity & Resolve

On Saturday, April 1 2023, the Young Atlantic Association will organize it’s annual NATO Night under a new name – Atlantic Assembly!

This year’s Assembly will center itself around the resolve in trans-Atlantic cooperation of the past year. Through an interactive program, the Young Atlantic Association introduces you to this new resolve. Further, the Atlantic Assembly aims to go beyond the military domain to discuss new security threats, such as climate-change, right-wing extremism and the securitization of space.

Program & topics

The Young Atlantic Association is excited to announce its upcoming program on security issues. The event will begin with registration at 9:00 AM, followed by a serious game and welcome by the moderator of the Atlantic Assembly 2023. The serious game, aimed at providing an interactive experience related to security issues, will be held between 9:30 AM and 12:00 PM. The game will involve simulations of an Article 5 invocation at the NATO level and will be provided by one of our partner organisations.

After lunch and the arrival of the guests for the afternoon program, the event will continue with a welcome from the chairwoman of the association, Boukje van den Eijnden, and an opening keynote speech by the Netherlands Chief of Defence Onno Eichelsheim. The program will then consist of three rounds of sessions, each containing one panel, one workshop, and one interview:

  1. The first round will have a panel on Western support for Ukraine, a workshop by Dyami on strategic foresight, and an interview on the importance of critical minerals in geopolitics.
  2. The second round will have a panel on climate change in relation to security questions, a workshop by TILT on the threat posed by disinformation, and an interview on the position of the Dutch intelligence community.
  3. The third round will have a panel on right-wing extremism and polarization, a workshop by Stefan Mastenbroek on leadership among the Dutch marines, and an interview on the geopolitical tensions in Eurasia after the war in Ukraine. 

The event will conclude with a closing keynote speech by the Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to NATO, Thijs van der Plas, and a social gathering to wrap up the event. This program is a great opportunity for attendees to gain insights and interact with experts on various security issues.To register, please follow the link below. We look forward to seeing you there!

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