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Working visit to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

The Hague has served as an iconic symbol of global justice and peace for an extensive period of time. To pay homage to this important legacy of The Hague, Jonge Atlantici / the Young Atlantic Association visited the International Criminal Court (ICC) with a group of 30 students and young professionals.

The ICC investigates and, where warranted, prosecutes individuals charged with international crimes (i.e. genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression). In relation to the war in Ukraine, the ICC issued an arrest warrant against Russian president Vladimir Putin in March 2023. This is also what differs the ICC from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which is also seated in The Hague. The ICJ is primarily involved with the disputes between sovereign states, whereas the ICC prosecutes individuals charged with international crimes.

During the visit, the participants gained new insights into the important work of the Court in its global fight against impunity. A wide variety of topics was discussed, from the setup of the Courtroom, to the important role of translators at the Court and the position of victims in the judicial processes.


Some shortcomings of the Court were also discussed, including the lack of participation by different countries and the low amount of cases the Court has worked on over two decades. Additionally, the group was happy to learn that ICC court hearings are generally open to the public, as this allows for future visits to witness the court in practice. In short, it was an insightful visit, and highly interesting to see that the city of The Hague hosts such a unique organization with great international relevance.

Header photo: / UN Photo / Rick Bajornas

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