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Tensions in the strait: the future of China-Taiwan relations

On Tuesday 19 September 2023 from 19.00-21.00, the Young Atlantic Association (‘Jonge Atlantici’) hosted their event:

Tensions in the strait: the future of China-Taiwan relations

With newly launched Chinese military drills in the Taiwanese Strait, the whole world again looks at Taiwan. While cross-strait tensions have been on the rise since the election victory of the progressive and more autonomous-minded DPP in 2016, China’s military pressure on Taiwan has reached new heights more recently. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine and shifting geopolitical balance on a global scale raise many questions about the future of these tensions, and what the West – and the Netherlands – might do in response. After all, the Netherlands remains one of Taiwan’s most important economic partners. All the more reason to delve deeper into the complicated relationship between China and Taiwan, looking at it from multiple angles, while taking stock of the position of the Netherlands.

The evening started with a keynote speech by Ed Kronenburg, who explored how China-Taiwan relations have developed over time, building on his experiences as former ambassador of the Netherlands to China. Thereafter, participants separated into three roundtables including our other speakers Vera Kranenburg (China researcher, Clingendael Institute) and Eva Rammeloo (former China correspondent). At these tables, the topic of China-Taiwan relations was discussed more in depth using different perspectives. To illustrate, the tables explored how diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands determine the way one can engage with Taiwan, how economic security considerations influence political decisions in different capitals, and how Beijing uses various means to keep the Taiwanese issue a national security priority. To wrap up the evening, Eva Rammeloo shared some personal experiences as a former China correspondent, including her thoughts on how China-Taiwan relations can be expected to develop going forward. Afterwards, there was an opportunity to continue these conversations while enjoying a drink.

Photo: Shutterstock / LBeddoe

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