Past event

Opening the Diplomatic Door

On Tuesday, January 10 the Young Atlantic Association (‘Jonge Atlantici’) organized their event:

Opening the Diplomatic Door

Bilateral and multilateral diplomacy forms the cornerstone of international engagement. It builds bridges and constructive dialogue, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Especially in times of war on the European continent, our diplomatic network is more important than ever. The Hague is the diplomatic centre of The Netherlands, but what is actually going on behind the closed doors of Embassies and multilateral institutions?

And what is it really like to work as a diplomat? To move every few years and adapt to a wholly different culture? What makes for good diplomacy and how do you build your skills? And what is it like being a young female diplomat in a male-dominated environment?

On 10 January at 19:00 we joined in a lively, open conversation and Q&A with Charlotte Jago and Emma Beelaerts. Those present heard more about the value of diplomacy, a career in the diplomatic field and had the chance to do some networking in an informal setting.

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