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A Sit Down With US Senior Harvard Lecturer Dr. Katherine Merseth

A Sit Down With US Senior Harvard Lecturer Dr. Katherine Merseth

On what makes a great educator and why everyone should consider teaching

On the 20th of April, the Netherlands Atlantic Association sat down to talk with an exceptional American expert in the field of education. Dr. Katherine Merseth is an award-winning teacher and long-time faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For over 30 years Merseth has written extensively about school director leadership, mathematics teaching, and the case method of instruction. Yet foremost she became known for her work in the field of teacher education, as an inspiring and leading advocate of the teaching profession within and beyond United States borders. Internationally, she has edited five volumes of cases about classroom and administrative practice in South Africa, Chile, Brazil, and Jordan. In 2018, Dr. Merseth was selected as the Phi Beta Kappa Professor of the year at Harvard College. Together with Hans Luyendijk, moderator and Chair of the Atlantic Education Committee, we talked about what it is that makes a great educator, teaching and leadership in this unparalleled worldwide pandemic and why everyone should consider the transfer of knowledge a career path.

Watch the program here:

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