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The U.S. Presidential Election 2020

On June 30, 2020, the Netherlands Atlantic Association organized an online program with American political expert Matt Mayer, themed:

The U.S. Presidential Election 2020

The United States currently faces major political and social challenges. Furthermore, polarization seems to be a larger issue than ever before. Questions which will be addressed during the program are, among others: will President Trump be able to motivate a non-traditional ‘rank-and-file’ (Afro-Americans, (sub-) urban youngsters etc.) to cast their votes for him? What impact will the current debate on racism have on the election results? What will the impact be of the COVID-19 crisis on the election results? Apart from the public health issues the economy is currently in a deep crisis as well. Will it recover quickly enough for President Trump to pull off a victory?


Matt A. Mayer is the President of the think tank ‘Opportunity Ohio’ and a regular radio and television commentator in the United States on national and international current affairs. The program was moderated by journalist Robbert de Witt, who works at the foreign desk of the Dutch weekly Elsevier. He writes regularly on international affairs and American politics.

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