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The Atlantic Education Committee (AOC) focuses on providing information on transatlantic security issues for teachers and pupils in secondary schools and institutes for teacher training.

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The Atlantic Education Committee organizes conferences, (regional) seminars and study trips for teachers from secondary schools and teacher-training institutes. Cooperation with teachers’ organizations makes it possible to issue postgraduate certificates following these educational activities.

The Atlantic Education Committee includes representatives of three teachers’ organizations, namely the Netherlands Association for Teachers of History (VGN), the Netherlands Association for Teachers of Social Studies (NVLM) and the Royal Netherlands Geographical Association (KNAG).

The Netherlands Atlantic Association has a database of some 2,500 teachers and school departments that are kept informed of the various activities of the Atlantic Education Committee. There is also a digital database of some 900 teachers who are kept informed via email.

The Committee also issues (digital) educational publications. On the website there are learning modules with extensive information on topical developments in international security issues. The modules also include individual and group assignments for pupils.

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