Lunch Meeting: Andrew Gawthorpe

On Wednesday, 29 November Netherlands Atlantic Youth organized a lunch lecture together with study association "ismus" in Nijmegen. Dr. Andrew Gawthorpe gave a lecture on "The US and China: the Potential for Future Conflict".


In the past decades China has developed into a global economic powerhouse. Now the Chinese government seems to have ambitions to solidify their newfound status as a superpower with geopolitical ambitions, for example in the South China Sea. This to the displeasure of the other superpower in the region: the United States. Will this lead to conflict? And what would be the implications for existing alliances?


Dr. Andrew Gawthorpe, who is a Lecturer in Contemporary Military History and Security Studies at Leiden University and specializes in U.S. foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region, adressed these questions during his lecture.


A report of the lunch meeting will be published here shortly.

Symposium: NATO and (Counter)intelligence

On Monday, 27 November the department of History and Art History of Utrecht University and the Netherlands Atlantic Association co-hosted a symposium in Utrecht on the history of ‘NATO and (Counter)intelligence’.


According to many, both in academia and in the policy world, NATO and intelligence is an oxymoron. To them the appointment of Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven as NATO’s first Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security almost a year ago must have come as a surprise and should be a clear sign of the recognition of today’s relevance of intelligence to NATO’s alliance.


A report of the symposium can be found here.



Eleni Braat (Utrecht University)

James Mader

Daniel Pronk

Joseph Gordon

Bob de Graaff (Utrecht University)

Moderator: Laurien Crump (Utrecht University)
Programme Presentations Biographical information speakers


Masterclass Counterinsurgency

Op 28 september gaf Martijn Kitzen in Leiden voor Jonge Atlantici de masterclass: Counterinsurgency: Lessen uit Afghanistan


Dr. Martijn Kitzen is docent aan de Koninklijke Militaire Academie en de Universiteit van Amsterdam en is gespecialiseerd in counterinsurgency. Tot 2006 diende hij als officier bij zowel de Koninklijke Landmacht als bij de Koninklijke Luchtmacht. In 2016 is hij gepromoveerd op de Nederlandse ervaringen met counterinsurgency.


Lees hier een verslag van de masterclass.


Seminar in Oxford

The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom  invited Jonge Atlantici/YATA Netherlands to join their seminar on 7 and 8 July with a delegation of young transatlantic enthusiasts from The Netherlands. The seminar was held at Oxford University and was a great opportunity to discuss the current state of transatlantic affairs with peers from both sides of the North Sea. The theme of the conference was 'US Foreign Policy Under Trump, European Implications.'


A report of the conference will be published shortly.


Anniversary Symposium

This year Jonge Atlantici/YATA Netherlands celebrates its 10th anniversary. To commemorate this and to convey our mission, we organized a special programme on Thursday, 11 May in Press Centre 'Nieuwspoort' in The Hague. The title of the event was: "The Transatlantic Relationship in 2017 and Beyond: New Perspectives and Disruptive Ideas.”


The Dutch Chief of Defence General Tom Middendorp gave the keynote speech. Following, Dirk Jan van den Berg, Chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Atlantic Association made some remarks. The speeches were followed by a discussion with an expert panel that consisted of young professionals.


Moderator: Dieuwertje Kuijpers (Free University Amsterdam)
Location: Press Centre 'Nieuwspoort' (Lange Poten 10, The Hague

Read a report of the event. Watch General Middendorp's speech and the panel discussion.

Interview Karlijn Jans

Op 3 april werd Karlijn Jans (voorzitter van Jonge Atlantici en strategisch analist bij het The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies) geïnterviewd bij het programma World Business Report van BBC World Service. Zij gaf uitleg over het debat over hoe veel NAVO-lidstaten zouden moeten uitgeven aan defensie.


Beluister hier het interview (vanaf 11:30).




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