Public Meeting: Marching Through Europe

On Wednesday, February 6, Jonge Atlantici organises a public meeting at the ministry of Defense themed:


Marching Through Europe: Lessons in Military Mobility



With some 150 aircraft, 50,000 participants and

10,000 vehicles, Trident Juncture was the largest exercise in collective defense that NATO has conducted since the Cold War. The large and complex exercise tested NATO’s most important principle, the Article 5 scenario – an attack on one is an attack on all.

In order to get to Norway the 2,700 British troops had to travel through the Netherlands. Moving troops through a foreign country, is a challenging task. Even when it concerns allied nations there are many legal, logistical and practical hurdles. For example, the strength of bridges.

Leader of the Taskforce Logistics, Brigadier General Hans Damen of the Royal Netherlands Army and logistics guru at the Ministry of Denfense, will share insights in Military Mobility based on the recent Trident Juncture exercise.

The taskforce works on logistic inter-service, interagency and interdepartmental cooperation in the Netherlands and on furthering military logistic cooperation, Host Nation Support and Military Mobility within the European Union and NATO.



Date Wednesday, February 6

17.00-17.30 h.: Registration

17.30-19.00 h.: Program with Brigadier General Hans Damen

19.00-19.30 h.: Reception

Speaker Brigadier General Hans Damen (Ministry of Defense, Royal Netherlands Army)
Locatie Ministry of Defense, Kalvermarkt 32, The Hague



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