Simulation: Baltic CIMIC Challenge

On Friday, November 16 Natalia Wojtowicz of the CCOE: CIMIC Centre of Excellence will offer student-patrons of YATA Netherlands an exclusive introduction into the field of civil-military cooperation (CIMIC). This simulation will take place from 13.00-17.00 hours in the Kromhoutkazerne Herculeslaan 1, Utrecht.


CIMIC Centre of Excellence: Baltic CIMIC Challenge Simulation


The CCOE provides expertise and enhanced training in the field of civil-military cooperation, both to civilian and military customers. Interactive simulations make up an increasingly large part of that training process.


Under Ms. Wojtowicz’ guidance we will compete in a multi-layered tabletop simulation that the CCOE developed for NATO: the ‘Baltic CIMIC Challenge Simulation’. Come and test your skills of teamwork and negotiation, as well as dealing with uncertainty, unpredictability and new dilemmas in this multi-layered environment!



The Baltic CIMIC exercise takes about three hours in total. In case we are left with extra time, or just don’t feel like stopping, Ms. Wojtowicz also has an extra (shorter) simulation that can be started afterward.


Become a student-patron of the Netherlands Atlantic Association: More info on how to become a patron here.


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