Lunch Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Andrew Gawthorpe

On Wednesday, 29 November Netherlands Atlantic Youth organized a lunch lecture together with study association "ismus" in Nijmegen. Dr. Andrew Gawthorpe gave a lecture on "The US and China: the Potential for Future Conflict".


In the past decades China has developed into a global economic powerhouse. Now the Chinese government seems to have ambitions to solidify their newfound status as a superpower with geopolitical ambitions, for example in the South China Sea. This to the displeasure of the other superpower in the region: the United States. Will this lead to conflict? And what would be the implications for existing alliances?


Dr. Andrew Gawthorpe, who is a Lecturer in Contemporary Military History and Security Studies at Leiden University and specializes in U.S. foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region, adressed these questions during his lecture.


A report of the lunch meeting will be published here shortly.

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