Representatives of major political parties, as well as experts in the fields of transatlantic relations and security policy, are represented on the Board and the Executive Committee (which is part of the Board) of the Netherlands Atlantic Association. The (unpaid) Executive Committee and Board meet at least twice and three times a year respectively.


Executive Committee

Dirk Jan van den Berg , Chairman
Chairman of the Executive Board, Sanquin Blood Supply
Alex Krijger, Vice Chairman

Senior Government Relations Advisor, Royal Dutch Shell

Michiel van Campen, Secretary

Executive Director, Permits Foundation; Owner, Van Campen International Business Development

Harry Groen, Treasurer
Former Mayor of Noordwijk
Angelien Eijsink
Defence spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party (PvdA); Chairman, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Second Chamber of Parliament
Ronald Vuijk
Defence spokesperson for the Liberal Party (VVD), Second Chamber of Parliament
Wim Kok, Observer for the Ministry of Defence
Director of Communication, Ministry of Defence
Hester Somsen, Observer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Director of Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


René Cuperus
Staff member, Wiardi Beckman Foundation


Mostafa Hilali

Royal Netherlands Army

Karlijn Jans, Chair, Netherlands Atlantic Youth
Strategic Analyst, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
Raymond Knops
Defence spokesperson for the Christian Democratic Party (CDA), Second Chamber of Parliament
Ton van Loon
Former Commander, 1st German/Dutch Corps
Hans Luyendijk, Chairman Atlantic Education Committee
Principal, Dalton School, The Hague
Marije Meines
Senior Advisor, RadarAdvies
Patrick Mikkelsen
Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands
Paul Scheffer
Publicist; Professor of European Studies, Tilburg School of Humanities
Truus Valkering
Former Director International Affairs, Tata Steel Europe
Rein Willems
Former Chairman of the Board, Shell Nederland B.V.
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