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Atlantisch Perspectief [Atlantic Perspective] is the journal of the Netherlands Atlantic Association. It appears six times a year and devotes attention to developments in international politics and the field of security.


At least once a year an English language issue of the magazine is published.


All English language articles that have been published in Atlantisch Perspectief between 1991 and 2016 can be viewed in the archive. The articles can also be downloaded for free. The archive can be searched by volume, author, or key words in the title.


Atlantisch Perspectief 2016 No. 3

In this issue:


•  Special section: NATO’s Warsaw Summit

•  Column Niels Roelen: World leaders

•  EU Global Strategy: from design to implementation

•  The renationalization of foreign policy and international order

•  Special section: The South China Sea dispute


Atlantisch Perspectief 2016 No. 1

This issue contains one artile in English:


•  The Iranian nuclear deal and missile defense.

    Debate between Russia and the US


Atlantisch Perspectief 2015 No. 6

In this special English-language issue:


•  Section: NATO’s new spearhead force

•  Column Niels Roelen: Vicious circle

•  Finally grown-up? Germany’s changing role in the world

•  Transatlantic relations: adjustment to change.

    What is the state of the transatlantic relationship?

•  ‘Design’ goes Dutch. Army considerations for defense planning

    and sensemaking

•  An element of stability. The British Strategic Defence and

    Security Review



Atlantisch Perspectief 2015 No. 5

This issue contains two articles in English:


•  Fighting at home and abroad. Canada’s two-pronged strategy

    in the battle against ISIL

•  Europe’s uncomfortable position. Alleviating Europe’s energy

   dependence in the face of crisis




Atlantisch Perspectief 2015 No. 4

This issue contains two articles in English:


•  Avoiding a Sino-American confrontation. Why the US should accommodate
    a rising China

•  “Putinomics” reaches a dead end?





Atlantisch Perspectief 2015 No. 2

This issue contains two articles in English


Section: What reasons for humanitarian interventions?


•  'Never again' or 'Yet again'? When do US presidents deploy the military

    for humanitarian reasons?

•  Humanitarian intervention and hegemonic power. A Gramscian perspective



Atlantisch Perspectief 2015 No. 1

This issue contains 2 articles in English


• The long shadow. Victory, defeat and grand strategy

• Ambivalent multilateralism. The United States and the Biological Weapons

  Convention Protocol



Atlantisch Perspectief 2014 No. 7

In this issue:


•  Section: Atlantic Alliance redefined?

•  More of the same? US midterm elections and the final

   Obama years

•  Australia in the Asian Century


Read the Editorial 'Atlantic Alliance redefined?'



Atlantisch Perspectief 2014 No. 6

This issue contains one article in English


• British Ambassador: Common purpose in an increasingly

  unpredictable world




Atlantisch Perspectief 2014 No. 5

This issue contains four articles in English


Section: Security in East Asia


•  China's Rise and international politics

•  Japan's military response to a shifting strategic


•  A rising middle power facing a strategic dilemma

   South Korea and East Asian security

•  Coping with untenable demands. Vietnam and its

   relations with China



Atlantisch Perspectief 2014 No. 3

This issue contains two articles in English


•  Ukraine, NATO, and Moral Realism

•  Ukraine and the American nuclear arsenal



Atlantisch Perspectief 2014 No. 2

This issue contains one article in English:


•  What happened to Deng’s maxim ‘Tao Guang Yang

   Hui’? Explaining China’s increased assertiveness in

   East Asia



Atlantisch Perspectief 2014 No. 1

This issue contains two articles in English:


•  How Americans see Europe

•  Nuclear myths and Atlantic realities



Archive Atlantisch Perspectief

All English articles that have been published in Atlantisch Perspectief  between 1991 and 2014 can be accessed here.

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