Date Event City
10-12-2012 Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Fixing Failed States Amsterdam
03-12-2012 Book Presentation: Interdoc The Hague
15-11-2012 Public Meeting Robert Kaplan Amsterdam
12-11-2012 Public Meeting William Cohen / Jaap de Hoop Scheffer The Hague
20-10-2012 Media Tour Journalists United States
17-10-2012 Study Trip Teachers New York
08-10-2012 Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Turkey Amsterdam
27-09-2012 American Election Dinner The Hague
20-09-2012 Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: US Elections Amsterdam
19-09-2012 Preparatory Meeting Teachers' Study Trip Utrecht
14-09-2012 Masterclass Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Basic Defence Concepts Den Haag
03-09-2012 Election Debate Defence The Hague
28-08-2012 Election Debate Foreign Affairs The Hague
03-07-2012 Excursion Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Royal Military Academy Breda
21-06-2012 Debate Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Middle East The Hague
06-06-2012 Public Meeting: Ivo Daalder The Hague
30-05-2012 Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: US Defense Cuts Leiden
24-05-2012 Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Alliance Building - ASEAN The Hague
16-05-2012 Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Visit to Israelian Embassy The Hague
14-05-2012 Public Meeting: NATO Summit in Chicago (Defence Minister Hillen) The Hague
11-05-2012 Public Meeting: NATO Summit in Chicago The Hague
24-04-2012 Public Meeting: Jamie Shea Utrecht
18-04-2012 Education Seminar: Democracy as an Export Product? Zwolle
11-04-2012 Meeting Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Transatlantic Relations since Obama Amsterdam
02-04-2012 Seminar: European Defence Cooperation The Hague
21-03-2012 Guest Lecture: Heather Conley Amsterdam
20-03-2012 Public Meeting: Heather Conley The Hague
15-03-2012 Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Visit to French Embassy The Hague
06-03-2012 Public Meeting: Future of the Comprehensive Approach The Hague
24-02-2012 Seminar: International Interventions The Hague
20-02-2012 Masterclass Netherlands Atlantic Youth: International Terrorism The Hague
20-02-2012 Public Meeting: Leo Michel The Hague
14-02-2012 Education Conference: United States and its Federal Government Utrecht
13-02-2012 Public Meeting: American Elections Amsterdam
26-01-2012 Panel Discussion Netherlands Atlantic Youth: The Future of the Afghan Police Force The Hague
05-01-2012 New Year's Drinks Netherlands Atlantic Youth The Hague


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