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Public Meeting with Jan Swillens

On Monday, 3 April, the Netherlands Atlantic Association and the Royal Netherlands Society for Military Art and Science (KVBK) organize a program with Brigadier General Jan Swillens, Commander of the 43 Mechanized Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army. His introduction is entitled:


“Together we stand, together we shield…therefore together we train”

Some insights in the future of land warfare


General Swillens commanded the large Bison Drawsko land exercise in Poland in January and February of this year in which some 4,500 soldiers from six NATO member states participated. The main purpose of the exercise was to practice defensive and offensive operations on a brigade level; improving international cooperation was another goal. It was no coincidence that this exercise was held in Central Europe. It served both as a reassurance for the Central European NATO members and as a warning to Russia that NATO is determined to defend its territory.


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Monday, 3 April 2017


Jan Swillens (Commander, 43 Mechanized Brigade, Royal Netherlands Army)

Moderator: Ton van Loon (Board Member, Netherlands Atlantic Association)


19.00-19.30 hrs.: Registration and coffee reception

19.30-21.00 hrs.: Introduction followed by discussion

21.00-21.30 hrs.: Reception


Press Centre ‘Nieuwspoort’, Lange Poten 10, The Hague



Public Meeting: Brexit and European Defence

On Tuesday, 21 March, the Netherlands Atlantic Association organized a program in Press Centre 'Nieuwspoort in The Hague on "Brexit and European Defence (at last): Will Brexit work and will a European Defence without Britain work?" Four speakers addressed these issues from different viewpoints (business/politics/defence and security/transatlantic).




Robert van de Roer (diplomatic expert)

A (video) report of the seminar will be published here shortly.

Panel Discussion: Trump: The First 100 Days

On Tuesday, 7 February, Netherlands Atlantic Youth and SIB Utrecht organized a panel discussion in Utrecht entitled: “Trump: The First 100 Days”.


Trump’s election can be called a political earthquake and signals that American politics will not be business as usual for at least four years to come. With his controversial rhetoric and his bold ambitions concerning immigration, the economy and foreign policy, all eyes are set on the first 100 days of President Trump. What will America look like under his administration?



Jaap Verheul (Utrecht University)

Markha Valenta (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Meline Arakelian (Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A report of the meeting will be published here shortly.

New Year's Meeting: Matt Mayer

On Monday, 16 January, the Netherlands Atlantic Association and Netherlands Atlantic Youth jointly organized a program in De Balie in Amsterdam on (President) Trump’s Foreign Policy: What (not) to expect?


The speaker was Matt A. Mayer (President of Opportunity Ohio and Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute). Paul Brill (foreign affairs columnist at De Volkskrant) moderated the event.


Read a report of the meeting. A video report will follow shortly.


Panel discussion Netherlands Atlantic Youth: Radicalisation & Violent Extremism


On Thursday, 1 December Netherlands Atlantic Youth organized a panel discussion in The Hague entitled: "The Tipping Point: Radicalisation & Violent Extremism in a Broader Perspective"


Although radicalisation and violent extremism are not new phenomena – nor is terrorism, for that matter – they have acquired a place amongst the major challenges of our time. They have disruptive effects on societies across the world and have become interlinked with several other severe challenges the world faces, such as cyber security and climate change.


Previous meetings organized by Netherlands Atlantic Youth on this subject focused on the security and defense aspects that play a role in detecting radicalisation and preventing violent attacks. During this meeting, however, different questions were asked: What causes radicalisation and violent extremism? How does it affect our societies? How can it be prevented? What happens after detection? How effective are de-radicalisation programs? What role can young people like ourselves play in this process?


Read a report of the meeting.


Speakers: Marije Meines (RadarAdvies); Davin Bremner (People-R); Jordy Nijenhuis (Dare to Be Grey)
Moderator: Rabab Hammiche (Board Member, Netherlands Atlantic Youth)


Public Meeting: 'Disinformation as a Weapon in Hybrid Warfare'

On Wednesday, 12 October the Netherlands Atlantic Association organized a program in The Hague on Disinformation as a Weapon in Hybrid Warfare.


Disinformation is a subject matter that is seriously underrated in hybrid warfare. Only recently, the ‘West’ has become aware of its weak defences against disinformation from e.g. IS and Russia.


The three speakers in this program, who work for either NATO or the EU, discussed Russia’s use of information as a weapon to influence Western public opinion.



•  Mark Laity (Chief Strategic Communications, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers

   Europe, Mons, Belgium) (presentation)

•  Col. Aivar Jaeski (Deputy Director, NATO Stratcom Center of Excellence, Riga,

   Latvia) (presentation)

•  Jakub Kalensky (East StratCom Task Force Member, European External Action

   Service, Brussels) (presentation)

Moderator: Robert van de Roer (diplomatic expert)

Read a report of the meeting, or watch a video report.



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