Public Meeting: NATO's Nuclear Policy

On Monday, 23 October the Netherlands Atlantic Association organized a public meeting in the 'Koninklijke Schouwburg' in The Hague on: 'NATO's Nuclear Policy: Continuity or Change?'


After decades of ‘non-debate’ on the role of nuclear weapons, current developments in the world – amongst others the proliferation of nuclear weapons, hybrid warfare by Russia (including the nuclear component) and the nuclear threat from the Middle East – have stimulated the debate on the role of nuclear weapons in NATO’s strategy of deterrence. Since the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016, new thinking on this subject has developed. One of the central questions of this seminar was if NATO needs to change its policies regarding nuclear deterrence. And how to make sure that all Allies support the nuclear policies that have been agreed upon.



Fred Frederickson (Head, NATO Nuclear Policy Directorate)

Elmar Hellendoorn (Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School)


Paul Brill (journalist)

A report of the meeting can be found here.

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