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Since its founding in 1952, the Netherlands Atlantic Association has been providing information on trans-Atlantic security issues and promoting the study of issues such as relations between Europe and the United States, NATO, and European Security. Through such activities, the Association aims to further public discussion on all such issues.

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Within the framework of these objectives, the Netherlands Atlantic Association organises national and international conferences, seminars, panel discussions and lectures for specific groups. These activities are supported by both ad hoc and permanent committees. The Atlantic Education Committee, for instance, develops projects for secondary school teachers and pupils, important target groups of the Netherlands Atlantic Association.

The Association is also active in the field of publishing. Among its publications are Atlantisch Perspectief [Atlantic Perspective], the periodical of the Association, conference and study reports, and educational brochures and study guides. The Association maintains library and documentation facilities which can be consulted freely. Requests for information can be made by email, in writing or by telephone to the Secretariat.

The independence of the Netherlands Atlantic Association is safeguarded by the Board of the organisation, in which all the major political parties and relevant academic disciplines are represented.

The Netherlands Atlantic Association cooperates actively with government institutions, non-governmental organisations and scientific and political institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. This (international) cooperation enables the Association to organise a variety of national and international conferences. In addition, the Netherlands Atlantic Association assists others with the organisation and implementation of projects relating to national and international security issues and, where appropriate, initiates the development of such projects.


The StudiumGenerale program of the Netherlands Atlantic Association has been in existence since 2011 and is aimed at talented young professionals with a government or business background. Its main purpose is to encourage participants to look at transatlantic relations from different perspectives. A second purpose is to expand the network of both the participants and the Netherlands Atlantic Association.

In March 2020 the tenth year of StudiumGenerale has begun. StudiumGenerale X  consists of ten meetings (in Dutch) that take place between March 2020 and February 2022. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this edition officially started in 2021, with an online event. The subjects vary, but broadly speaking they deal with the (new) world order from a Dutch and transatlantic perspective.

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