Atlantisch Perspectief

Nummer 6, 2017

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  • NATO’s spearhead force
    A work in progress
  • Finally grown-up?
    Germany’s changing role in the world
  • ‘Design goes Dutch’
    Army considerations for unconventional planning and sensemaking
  • Transatlantic relations: adjustment to change
    What is the state of the transatlantic relationship?
  • An element of stability
    The British Strategic Defense and Security Review 2015
  • Baltic challenges for NATO’s VJTF
  • NATO’s nuclear deterrence
    Why a modernized US nuclear triad matters to NATO
  • Credible deterrence?
    NATO’s new spearhead force
  • Vicious circle

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Credible deterrence?

NATO’s new Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VTJF) does increase the Alliance’s capacities. Yet, as Jens Ringmose and Sten Rynning argue, credible deterrence requires a proper doctrine and the right decision-making culture as well.

NATO’s spearhead force

According to Advisory Council of International Affairs (AIV) Secretary Marja Kwast-van Duursen, the Dutch parliament should always be informed about NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force’s (VJTF) operations, prior to the operations taking place.