Atlantisch Perspectief

Uncovering an unseen nemesis

Wie is de onzichtbare, ongrijpbare en verborgen tegenstander? Wat doet hij, wie is hij en wat wil hij? Dit volledig Engelstalige nummer van Atlantisch Perspectief probeert antwoord te geven op deze vragen en gaat vrijwel in zijn geheel over het onzichtbare strijdperk: cyberspace.
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In dit nummer:

  • NATO in the fourth domain: How well is it doing?
  • Conquering the invisible battleground
  • How to counter worsening cyber-security threat
    The international strategy of the Dutch government
  • Damaging the opponent ‘the new way’
    Understanding the tactics behind hack-and-leak operations
  • “It is useful to look at cyber as if it were a sport”
    Paul Ducheine on the legal dimensions of cyber-security
  • The cyber-security waterbed effect: insider risks on the increase
  • Which is more important: online privacy or national security?
    The Dutch position in the ongoing encryption
  • Whose cyber is it anyways?
    A private perspective on a public good
  • An Arms Race in Outer Space?
  • Time to Give Up on the Americans?
    Reflections on a New Recommendation to the Dutch Government
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