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The New Strategic Concept: important, not impressive

This article is a reaction on the special section of Atlantisch Perspectief no. 8, 2010 about the NATO Lisbon Summit. Rem Korteweg questions whether the Strategic Concept is as successful as has been argued in earlier articles. He considers three elements: whether the Concept signals a new direction, the uniqueness of the content and whether it leaves important issues unaddressed. Besides that, the latter is the case with some issues. Rem Korteweg argues that the Strategic Concept is only as good as the willingness of NATO to implement. 


Rem Korteweg


Reactie, NAVO, top, 2010, Reaction, NATO, Summit, 2010

Foto: Flickr/Minister-president Rutte/CC BY 2.0

The New Strategic Concept: important, not impressive

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