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The Cold War in the Middle East: Then and Now

The Middle East remains one of the most volatile regions in the world. Widespread human rights abuses take place throughout the region. Also, the conflict in Israel/Palestine shows no sign of resolution, a regional rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia continues and Syria remains disrupted by a bloody civil war. Much of the region’s current struggles can be seen as the legacy of four decades of bipolar rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. In this article, Lorena de Vita discusses the many consequences of policies in the Middle East enacted by the superpowers during the Cold War.


Lorena de Vita


Analysis, Koude, Oorlog, Midden-Oosten, Analyse, Cold, War, the Middle East, Europa, Europe, Saddam, Hoessein, Hussain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Israël, Egypt, Egypte, 2019, AP6, AP6-2019

Photo: Flickr/Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose/CC BY 2.0 

The Cold War in the Middle East: Then and Now

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