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 Norwegian foreign policy in the High North

Climate change is one of the most crucial issues on the international agenda. Norway can be seen as a protector of the environment of the European Arctic. At the same time, the country earns money from extracting petroleum in the very same region. In this overview, the authors apply a discursive perspective to the challenges and issues that the Norwegian government is facing in the in the European Arctic. The authors argue that the conflicting interests of Norwegian government in the region complicate communication. So, one of the biggest High North challenges facing Norway is its ‘image problem’ 


Leif Christian Jensen, Øystein Jensen and Svein Vigeland Rottem


Overzicht, Norwegen, Noordpoolgebied, Rusland, Overview, Norway, Arctic, Russia

Foto: Flickr/Einar Mostad/CC BY-SA 2.0

 Norwegian foreign policy in the High North

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