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NATO’s tactical nuclear headache

The future of the American non-strategic nuclear weapons deployed in Europe and the future of NATO’s nuclear sharing became one of the most controversial issues in the negotiations for the 2010 NATO Strategic Concept. In this article, Wilbert van der Zeijden and Susi Snyder argue that NATO was unable to reach a clear common position on the issues. The result is a text that leaves open all options. Therefore, the authors also look ahead and discuss the position of Russia. Collaboration with Russia on the issue of tactical nuclear weapons would improve the security across the North Atlantic. 


Wilbert van der Zeijden and Susi Snyder 


Analyse, NAVO, Rusland, TNW, VS, Analysis, NATO, Russia, US

Foto: Flickr/Clay Gilliland/CC BY-SA 2.0

NATO’s tactical nuclear headache

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