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Machiavelli and minor states

Power politics in the international system

In this lecture, Isabelle Duyvensteyn challenges the notion that small states abstain themselves from power-politics. According to Duyvensteyn, small states are able to wield significant power and exhibit interest-driven foreign policy behaviour. To illustrate her case, she uses the Netherlands as an example of such a state. Duyvensteyn, who fits into the realist school in international relations, argues against the liberal consensus on the role of small states in power-politics.


Isabelle Duyvensteyn


2017, Isabelle, Duyvensteyn, Lezing, Lecture, Geopolitics, Geopolitiek, Realism, Liberalism, International, Relations, Netherlands, Nederland

Foto: Flickr/IISG/CC BY-SA 2.0

Machiavelli and minor states

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