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Individuals, Institutions, and Ideas

“German unification and European integration: parallel processes”, wrote German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in his notebook in 1990. As the first Chancellor of a unified Germany, Kohl played a significant role in creating a strong and united Germany, within the European project. His contribution demonstrates the at times important role of individual participants in historical development. This article, written by Marina Pérez de Acros, shows why a multilevel and multinational approach, that brings together individuals, institutions and ideas, can be a useful way to examine Cold War history.


Marina Pérez de Arcos


Analysis, Marina Pérez de Arcos, European, Union, Helmut, Kohl, historiografie, Koude Oorlog, Berlijnse muur, analyse, Europese Unie, historiography, Cold War, Berlin, wall, 2019, AP6, AP6-2019

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Individuals, Institutions, and Ideas

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