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A unique network. NATO’s energy security agenda

In this first part of this special section on energy security, Michael Rühle and Julijus Grubliauskas provide an overview of the debate surrounding NATO’s role in providing energy security. Rühle and Grubliauskas conclude that, ultimately, the key to the success of energy security on NATO’s agenda is allied solidarity. As allies have different energy concerns and perceptions, the debate about NATO’s role in this domain will continue. As long as allies remain mindful of each other’s sensitivities, however, they can craft a sensible agenda for NATO that will not only prove beneficial to all member nations, but also to an increasing number of partner countries.


Michael Rühle and Julijus Grubliauskas 


2013, Michael, RühlejulijusGrubliauskas, Special, Section, Katern, Overview, Overzicht, Energy, Energie, Security, Veiligheid, NATO, NAVO, Russia, Rusland, Agenda, Debate, Debat, Rol, Role

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A unique network. NATO’s energy security agenda

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