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1989-Thirty years later

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, elites in the West and the United States, internalized the idea of the ‘end of history’, as presented by Francis Fukuyama. He argued that history had reached its goal as the collapse of the Soviet Union could only lead to liberal capitalism becoming the natural order on a global scale. It was therefore presumed that the single party authoritarian model would dissolve over time. It did not turn out this way. In this article, Federico Romero discusses the roots and consequences of this wrong assumption.


Federico Romero


Reflectie, Federico, Romero, 1989, Koude, Oorlog, liberale, democratie, multilaterale, liberaal, globalisme, reflection, Cold War, liberal, democracy, multilateral, liberal, globalism, 2019, AP6, AP6-2019

Photo: Flickr/Gavin Stewart/CC BY CC 2.0 

1989-Thirty years later

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