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U.S. Foreign Policy in 2021

What should we expect as key differences between the foreign policies of a President Biden and those of a second term of President Trump? Stanley R. Sloan offers his view on how the outcome of the U.S. presidential election...

How to counter worsening cyber-security threats

The online interdependence has increasingly exposed us to malicious actors with bad intentions. In this article, Timo S. Koster provides an overview of the cyber diplomacy approach of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote a safe, free...

NATO in the fourth domain: how well is it doing?

In his contribution to Atlantisch Perspectief Jamie Shea provides an overview on how well NATO has adjusted to a growing and more sophisticated cyber threat and the unresolved issues the Alliance needs to address concerning the cyberdomain.

The Future of EU-NATO relations: doing less better

This policy brief makes the case that the EU and NATO need to take one step back to move two steps forward: they should soberly assess their interests, agree to disagree on some issues, but intensify their cooperation on...